Anonymous Web Surfing F.A.Q.

Most frequently asked questions:

What exactly does Anonymous Web Surfing do?

Anonymous Web Surfing will secure your Internet connection while browsing in Internet. It will protect your connection with 128 Bit SSL encryption and make it impossible to decode. Therefore, your web activity will be completely untraceable even for your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your login information to websites, credit card numbers, chats, e-mails and everything you submit and exchange in Internet is now protected.

Anonymous IP Server List Will my IP address change?

Anonymous Web Surfing establishes connection to our servers in order to make your connection secure. Thus, your Internet traffic is routed through our secure servers, therefore, you have been assigned the IP of our server. Finally, your IP location will look like you are surfing from the server's location (USA, UK, Canada...).

Can I watch my favorite shows when I am outside USA or UK?

Yes! However, please verify if this is possible by using our trial version first. Some websites have greater restrictions.

What is the compatibility with the other applications?

We support Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome. Please let us know if you use others and we will include them! In addition, software as Skype, ICQ, Outlook and more is also supported.

How can I check if my IP was changed?

You can go to any "what is my ip" site and verify that. For example, you can visit

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